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Shifting Landscapes of Professional Learning


(session description) 

How has your professional learning landscape shifted with the use of social networking? What are the implications? 


Our stories 



  Shifting Landscapes of Professional Learning - Sylvia's stories and reflections in a series of blog posts

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Welcoming twitter into your life

Part 3: A community steward perspective

Part 4: An example of Just in time (versus just in case) learning

Part 5: Keeping up -- unintential learning and multimembership

Part 6: Losing our ability to reflect and focus?


  Third post Shifting Landscapes of Professional Learning - Betty's stories and reflections

         Second post - My Twitter Update

         First post - Twittering a Network



2) Tools we use


Tweetdeck - a personal browser for following Twitter tweets or Facebook updates.


Twhirl - "the social software client"


Visible Tweets - a cool website that displays a visualization of tweets.


TweetTabs - a website that offers, like tweetdeck, a way of organizing what you're following


Twazzup - a search site for hot topics on twitter


Hootsuite - another cool site that lets you stagger your tweets (so everyone thinks you work all night long!) 


Twtpoll - create polls that you can tweet--or access via a URL; can work like aspects of a personal response/clicker system


Visible Tweets - twitter visualizations -- this example showing Julia's tweets since she is unable to join our session in person :-)


What do you know about your network (or potential network) and twitter habits? 


Tanalyst - stats and other unnecessary but intriguing data


Twitter Charts - what time of day and week do you and people you know tweet?


Twittervision - tweets displayed on a world map


Twittermania - Do you still want more?


Some basics:



Facebook -


Twitter -  "a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time."


Diigo - "a powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community." - A networked, sophisticated del.icio.us type site.


Delicious -a social bookmarking site, allows for subscriptions to keep you current with new entries by tags (keywords) or networks (users on the system whose content you choose to follow)



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